A new 4 week series and Financial Peace University classes starting October 2nd.


At Front Range, we believe becoming good stewards of our resources is critical for living a life of freedom and impact. This is why we’ve decided to pursue good stewardship together as a church. Starting the week of October 2nd, we will offer the 9-week Financial Peace University in both community groups and classroom-style settings.

We are excited to take this journey together as a church! Don’t miss this opportunity to gain practical tools necessary for living a life of financial freedom. We believe these 9 weeks will radically transform how you think about, spend, save and give what God has given to you. There is a slight cost ($80 per family), but that cost is far outweighed by the benefits of this course. The average person that attends FPU…

  • Pays off and saves $8000 in 90 days
  • Pays off all debt besides mortgage in 2 years, and their house in 7 years


We hope you will join us in October and we are praying God uses this opportunity to radically impact your family and the world around you. To register for the class, please fill out the form below or sign up for a community group



God has created you and I to not live like everyone else, but to live in such a way that the world takes notice of how different we are. God created us to be stewards of the Earth – every plant, every animal, all of it. We carry that responsibility in all areas of our lives. If we practice good stewardship, not only do we flourish, but the people in our lives and the community in which we live will flourish. During this 4-week series, we will look at what steps we can take to implement God’s purposes in our lives and become great stewards of all that He has given us. 

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