Community Groups

What’s a community group?

A community group can take many shapes and forms, but the general heart of every community group is to create a place where people can build relationships, grow in spiritual maturity and be used by God to impact others. We know that not every type of community group will fit every person’s schedule or even personality; therefore, we have created three types of community groups to try and help each person find their fit.

  • Traditional Community Group: This is a group of people (usually 3-20) who meet together on a regular basis (weekly or bi-weekly) to talk about life, God and everything in between. These groups typically meet in coffee shops or homes and no matter where you are in life, there is a group for you. They often talk about the impact of the message from Sunday, discuss a book or talk about life circumstances, while all of these groups explore God’s Word and applying it to our lives.
  • Community Classes: A community class is a group of people that meet for a set period of time to discuss a particular subject. These groups may meet for 2 weeks or 8 weeks or anything in between, with the focus on a particular subject like prayer, studying God’s Word, the basics of Christianity and many more topics.
  • Community Intensives: A community intensive is a group of people that meet for a one to three day timeframe to focus on a subject in a more in-depth setting. These community intensives might be a women’s retreat, a marriage conference, or retreats or trainings on specific subjects.

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