The Front Range Residency Program is designed to give leaders an opportunity to gain invaluable wisdom, skills, character and experience that is essential for full-time vocational ministry. The Front Range Residency offers two tracks:

  1. Church Planting Residency: Being prepared makes all the difference when it comes to church planting. In this residency, you will be given the experience, training, coaching and one on one development that will prepare you to plant a church. You will be in a church that was started 4 years ago by the lead pastor. You will gain insights and wisdom that comes from first-hand knowledge. You will also have access to many of the original plant team and learn from their experience.Training: As a part of your residency, you will be exposed to some of the best church planting trainers and coaches in our nation. You will be taken through a strategic training curriculum that was developed specifically for church planters. You will also take part in interviews with church planters and church planting pastors to learn from their experience and wisdom. You will also take part in at least one church planting conference with other church planters, church planting organizations and potential church planting partners.
  2. Ministry Residency: Many people believe they are called into full-time vocational ministry without knowing what that entails. In this residency, you will be given the experience, training, coaching and one on one development that will help you discern your ministry calling, as well as prepare you for that calling. You will be partnered with a pastor or ministry leader with the intent of you gaining wisdom and insights from them. Your coach will also provide you with opportunities to grow in your gifts, as well as some key ministry essentials like leadership development, recruiting and building teams, communication, pastoral care and others.Training: You will be given one on one coaching and development that has been created specifically for the track you choose. You will also have the opportunity to learn from other leaders and pastors in your field of study. In addition, you will be given an opportunity to attend at least one conference or retreat to further your development as a leader. One of the greatest ways to be trained is to be given opportunities. You will receive opportunities to lead at significant levels within the church. The opportunities will give you a chance to succeed or fail, all while growing and developing in your character and leadership.

Length of Residency: We believe one of the best way to prepare someone for church planting or ministry is to give them an extended experience on staff with a church. As a part of your residency, you will spend 11 months with our team learning, growing and developing into the leader God has created you to be. The residency will begin September 2nd, 2018 with a graduation ceremony on Aug 4th, 2019.

Cost: Each resident will be paid a minimal stipend to help with their cost of living. This stipend will not be enough to cover all expenses, so each ministry resident needs to have other plans to cover their expenses.

Typical Weekly Commitment:
Church Planting Resident: 30+ hours per week.
Ministry Resident: 20+ hours per week.

To get more information and apply:
If you would like more information about the Front Range Residency, please e-mail
If you would like to apply for the residency, click here.

Front Range Internship:
Front Range is also offering an internship for those who are trying to discern a call to ministry. For more information, go here.